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Scosche Magic Mount XL Smartphone & Tablet Surface Mount

Effortlessly dock your smartphone or tablet on any flat surface via the power of magnets with the Scosche Magic Mount XL Surface Mount. This universal magnetic mount even works with your case, allowing you to keep your device protected at all times.
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  • Attaches to any flat surface for a simple and quick installation
  • A truly universal design strong enough to hold all smartphones and even large tablets
  • Effortless, fast docking with one hand
  • Case compatible design
  • Compatible with all Scosche Magic Mount products

Attaches to any flat surface for a simple and quick installation

The Scosche Magic Surface Mount features a magic plate that allows you to mount your smartphone or tablet to any flat surface through the plate's super strong adhesive backing.

Scosche Magic Mount Smartphone & Tablet Surface Mount    Scosche Magic Mount Smartphone & Tablet Surface Mount

The Magic Mount's simple, yet highly functional design works by adhering onto the flat surface through an adhesive backing, thus removing the need for any suction cups or special cases - which can be tiresome to fit and cause damage to your home. This adhesive backing is quick and easy to install, what's more it can be applied to any flat surface without leaving any unwanted residue.

A truly universal design strong enough to hold all smartphones and even large tablets

The Magic Mount's cradle-free design allows for complete universal compatibility. This means that any smartphone or tablet, no matter how big or small will work with this surface holder. So, even if you upgrade or have multiple phones, you can dock effortlessly without the need to adjust the holder itself every time.

Scosche Magic Mount Smartphone & Tablet Surface Mount    Scosche Magic Mount Smartphone & Tablet Surface Mount

Effortless, fast docking with one hand

The simple design makes attaching and removing your device a quick and easy process. No fiddling around with arms to achieve the most secure fit and certainly no aggravation, the Scosche Magic Mount Universal Surface Holder System has been designed so that with just one hand you can easily attach and remove your smartphone or tablet. Within a second, you can be ready to watch your favourite film or Skype with friends.

Case compatible design

The Magic Mount Surface Mount's unique magnetic design not only allows for quick and hassle-free docking, it also allows you to leave your case on no matter what style you have attached. From slim polycarbonate cases to tough bulky rugged cases, the Magic Surface Mount can handle it all. This means you get all the benefits of having a quick and easy docking system, while your phone stays safe and protected.

Compatible with all Scosche Magic Mount products

The magnetic system employed with the Magic Mount series allows for effortless inter-compatibility with all other Magic Mount products. So you can easily dock your device in your car using the Magic Vent Mount and move through to the home or office and dock on the surface mount, all without the need to changed any magnets or cases etc.

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