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PS4 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Dongle

No more wires! The PlayStation 4 Bluetooth Headset Dongle enables you to use any Bluetooth headphones with your PS4. Simply plug your USB dongle into the USB port of your PS4 for the wireless connection between your PS4 and your headphones.
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  • Allows you to use your own Bluetooth headphones with your PS4
  • Comes with a dongle which allows you to establish a wireless connection
  • Included microphone with excellent sensitivity to pick up your voice
  • Small and discreet size and weight

Allows you to use your own Bluetooth headphones with your PS4

The PS4 Bluetooth Headset Dongle is an excellent, must-have accessory for all PlayStation 4 owners.The is designed to allow you to use your favourite Bluetooth headphones with your PlayStation 4, so you can chat to your friends in complete wireless comfort. So, no need to spend money on expensive Bluetooth headphones - this device works with even the least expensive headphones.

PS4 Bluetooth Headset Dongle

Comes with a dongle which allows you to establish a wireless connection

The PS4 Bluetooth Headset Dongle is incredibly easy to install, the USB dongle plugs straight into your PS4 and the 3.5mm microphone plugs directly into the control pad. Just plug and play - no software is required for the Headset Dongle to function. The included dongle gives your PlayStation 4 a Bluetooth profile which is able to establish a strong and secure connection to any Bluetooth headset. This means you can connect any Bluetooth headphones to use for any of your games. After inserting the Bluetooth Headset Dongle into your PS4 and activating pairing mode on your headset - the blue light indicates after a few seconds when pairing is complete.Within the PlayStation's menu you can also change the sound priority of the headphones so you can either enjoy all of the sound from your game through your headphones or pick so that you can only hear other players whilst you're online, which is perfect if you're playing in an online multiplayer or you're in a party with your friends. 

Included microphone with excellent sensitivity to pick up your voice

The included 3.5mm microphone plugs into the headphone socket on your PlayStation 4 control pad and allows you to communicate with your online friends and family through your PS4. Measuring just 1-inch, the microphone doesn't extend too far so as to affect your grip or gaming experience. The microphone features excellent sensitivity which allows you to effortlessly talk to your friends without having to hold the control pad up near your mouth. This means you can sit in a comfortable position and won't need to worry about where the microphone is like you do with regular, wired headsets. In the settings menu on your PlayStation, there is also an option to adjust the microphone level so you can find the perfect level to enjoy wireless conversations without coming across too loud, or too quiet.

PS4 Bluetooth Headset Dongle

Small and discreet size and weight

The dongle and microphone are designed to be small and lightweight so they provide a discreet look when they're connected to your console and controller. This means that once they're connected you won't know that they're there and can enjoy perfect wireless calls at all times. The small and lightweight size of the adapter also means that it won't get in the way or hinder your use of the control pad.

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