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Precision Multi-Temperature Alarm Clock w/ 3x Radio Temp Sensors

Monitor temperature in up to 3 separate locations with this ultra-precise, stylish and functional radio-controlled alarm clock from Precision. Coming complete with 3x radio temperature sensors for your bedroom, kitchen, study, office and more.
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  • Hyper-accurate alarm clock for bedsides and more
  • Correct to 1 second in 1 million years
  • Includes 3x radio-controlled temperature monitors
  • Fully-featured alarm clock
  • Automatic time change to adjust for spring & autumn
  • Powered by batteries or mains

Hyper-accurate alarm clock for bedsides and more

For many years, Precision has been a trustworthy name when it comes to digital and analogue timepieces. This tradition continues with the Multi-Temperature Alarm Clock, which offers incredibly accurate time, day and date information in a compact form factor. Install this clock by your bedside, in your kitchen, in your living room or anywhere you need it - you'll be glad you have such a clear, accurate clock to rely on.

Correct to 1 second in 1 million years

The atomic clock function of the Precision Multi-Temperature clock is accurate to an error margin of 1 second in 1 million years. This effectively means that in within 1 million years, the clock will, at most, become incorrect by 1 second - perfect for finicky timekeepers and those who hate being late for appointments.

Includes 3x radio-controlled temperature monitors

This clock also includes 3 temperature sensors, powered by 2x AAA batteries each (not included), which can be placed in other rooms around the house to give an accurate reading of temperature. All of this information is also presented on the clock itself, which acts as a sort of hub - allowing you to remotely monitor temperature in several rooms of your house, and see where you need to place extra heating or cooling solutions.

Fully-featured alarm clock

Although this clock has several impressive features, it's also simply a great alarm clock - set your alarm for the morning and rely on this clock to wake you up with aplomb. 

Automatic time change to adjust for spring & autumn

The Precision Multi-Temperature Clock knows exactly when it's time to go forward or back for spring or autumn - so you won't wake up suddenly surprised by the wrong time and be late (or early!) for work.

Powered by batteries or mains

Need consistent, reliable power? Simply connect this clock to a mains socket and you'll have a stable supply of juice. Going mobile? No problem - the clock also takes 3x AAA batteries (not included), so you can pack your clock when going on holiday or a business trip without worrying about cumbersome mains bricks.

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