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Olixar Rotating 5.5 Inch Leather-Style Universal Phone Case - Red Recenzje

Wrap your 5.5 inch screen phone in luxurious, sophisticated protection with the red Olixar Leather-Style Stand Case. This universal case has credit card slots and can transform into a convenient viewing stand which rotates between portrait and landscape
  • Mobile Fun Limited 47138
48,49 zł inc VAT
 3.7 stars from 195 customers

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No stars because this product is not fit for purpose. How can a sticker hold the weight of a phone. Your website does not say a sticker is used. Dreadful product and should be removed. What a waste of money.
Remove this product because it's not fit for purpose. Please test it out yourself and you will discover the same outcome
Hi Grant

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. In the description it says "The Universal Stand Case features an adhesive gel pad, that provides a secure hold without leaving behind any unwanted sticky residue."

Can you contact us so we can discover the phone you are using and we will investigate this further for you.
The phone is attached to the case using a sticky pad. To use the camera you need to rotate it 90°. This causes the phone fall off the case and ultimately unusable.
Good quality case that fits my phone
Very pleased with this good quality case. Having previously purchased a case supposed to be for a Motorola C phone I found it did not fit and I could not use the buttons. I therefore returned it as it was no use. I purchased this case and it fits perfectly so I am very pleased. It looks very smart and is good value for money.
Do Not Buy.
There is no hole for the camera or fingerprint sensor, the part that you are supposed to stick your phone too is not sticky enough to trust.
Hi Devlin

To use the camera, you can rotate the case to make this available. Hope this helps.
Just perfect
If there was other colours
Pretty useless!
It would have been helpful to know that there is no rear camera cut out on this item before ordering.
Hi John

you simply rotate the phone within the case to take photos. Hope this helps.
Perfect protection
Great safe way to carry J5
Handy fold allows you to watch on desk or table

It looks nice but it doesn't stick well enough so it slips out. I don't feel like my phone is safe and protected so I have had to buy another case. It took less than a day to start slipping out.
Great purchase
This mobile cover is perfect for my Nokia2 smartphone. Love the rotating feature and the colour is very vibrant. The wrist strap makes it more secure when carrying it.
It is what it says it is on the box ( bag)
Not got round to going through the sticking process so can’t give 5* as yet
Should not be Listed as Huawei P8 Lite Compatible!
Ordered this from the listing of Huawei P8 Lite compatible accessories....which it most certainly isn't! You can't easily use the fingerprint security without constantly rotating the case - and as someone else points out, there is no side protection for the phone! Very carefully selected photos but Mobile Fun - extremely disappointed!
Hi Norah,

Sorry to hear about the issues that your are experiencing with this case, would it be possible for you to contact our customer service department who will be able to investigate this further for you?
Thank you for sending me a new one immediately after hearing there was a small issue with the first. I really appreciate the sufficiency. I highly recommend your service.
A piece of rubbish
This item appeared to be effectively holding my phone, however after about 3 months the phone would become detached and fall out when you opened the folder. Fortunately I either caught the phone before it hit the ground or it landed on a soft surface. It would have been severely damaged if the phone had hit a hard surface. Not worth the money.
hp elite x3 case
To start with the case is made dealt well , it looks very professional but it's not compatible with hp elite x3 because it covers up its finger scanner . I am recommend it for smartphones like Samsung galaxy s8 and higher and iPhone 6 and onwards.
Worse than useless
On receiving the item after having to chase the company as the first one did not arrive. I followed the instructions supplied and used the cleaning items contained in the pack. The sticky pad failed within an hour of mounting the phone in the wallet. I am very disappointed in the product as it is without doubt not fit for purpose.
Very good value
Product description was accurate.
Wrong case for my phone
This phone case would be great but I can't use the finger print sensor cos if I stuck the phone on the sticky bit it covers it up and it is therefore no use to me and I checked that you are selling it for this make and model so it's your fault. I was gonna send it back but that's another four quid!
Hi Charles,

As the item is a Universal Case, it will not have specific holes for each device. For example, The case is compatible with over 100 phones.
Please contact our Customer Service team so they are able to explain our returns procedure for you.

Terrible phone cover
Really.cheap.looking case. Completely inpractical when trying to.use phone. I would not.go near it. Very poor
Do not buy
I would of liked to have known there was no hole at the back for ur camera and also that it clipped in properly not just stick to a sticky pad that after 3 days the phone keeps falling out of it. Disaster and a waste of money
A superb product, excellent value for money.
As above.
Very Happy with my purchase and swift delivery .l
I am happy with my purchase as I found it very hard to find a phone cover that size as my phone is a bit bigger than usual and the price was great . Very happy .
Brilliant Case, easy to fix to phone, easy to use, glad I bought it!
It would have been helpful to know that the case swivels easily to use the camera
Very good
Goods arrived very quickly and intact. Quality is very good, setup very easy. Would buy again.
Did the job exactly
A simple but effective way to encase a mobile phone; could be used for any phone type of that size.
Not as I thought I didn't realise that you had to stick the phone to it. But it will do until I find a more suitable case like a hybrid one.
See above
Fast service and good quality. Would use again
Product is fine. Thank You
Product is fine. Thank You. However the product does not appear to be one designed for the Mobile (Moto G5s). As a Universal product one needs to rotate to take photos. But overall the product does the job.
universal and quite big. looks cheap
universal and quite big. looks cheap
Quality product
Quote from the recipient " more than like it- love it best present ever
Lovely soft leather...good looking to... very pleased..
Nothing could be improved.. excellent buy
Neat and effective
That the cover sticks to back of phone rather than the phone fitting onto the case per most covers.
Flawed but still good
This is a very nice case in most respects. Unfortunately it covers, not only the fingerprint scanner, but also the camera on my particular phone. The camera is usable by rotating the phone in the case, but this hardly allows for quick, impromptu shots. Otherwise it looks good and is protective.
LG Q6 cover, Great!
Great cover,strong, fits securely.
The rotation I thought would annoy me but it works very well also helping to keep the camera lens clean when it is in the pocket.
After finding it difficult to find an LG cover this is really good, and what a price!
Very nice ty
Yes i like the phone cover thought there might have been fitting instructions but i worked it out wasn't hard.
Easily found in my bag now, and I don't drop the phone any more
Have not really had it long enough to suggest improvements.
Excellent case. I was a bit apprehensive about attaching the phone but it seems ok. The good thing is when you rotate the phone to use as a camera the case sides help steady the phone. The phone is a Wiletfox Swift
The case seems quite durable and will hold a couple of cards and/or cash. The only observation I have is to make sure the clasp is out of the way when taking a photo.
Good value case
Good value case would be better if the magnetic closer wasn't in line with the camera when rotated.

Solid Product
Solid case. Functional and cute. My phone has survived a few drops with it. I like that it comes with a wrist strap--makes it easier to hold when on the go. Slots for cards are handy as well.
Just as I ordered
The only problem was the length of time it took to deliver.
Useless, bought it for an LG K10 but it didn't fit
Even if it had fitted it was supposed to fix into the case by sticking a small area on the back. Can't see that being very satisfactory.
Good quality
We were advised not to buy cheap and cheerful cover, glad I listened! This product fits nicely, doesn't press on the screen and is value for money
Arrived early, as advertised,good value for money
good quality product, reasonable price, arrived prior to advertised date.
Brilliant value!
Highly delighted with this purchase. Allows phone to swivel to take photos. Slimline design with magnetic flap and even a place for a couple of cards. Genius!
Smart, secure and easy to fit phone
I have always kept the phone in a pouch, but decided a case would be better. It was delivered very quickly and holds the phone securely. I'm very happy with it
A very impressive first buy from Mobile Fun
High quality leather.....impressive looks.....perfect security....
what couldn't be more attractive to a prospective buyer?
Very impressed
Very impressed, I liked the quality and very easy to use and the colour is very nice.
Attractive but not well made!
Attractive and functional case, yet within less than a month the red piping started to come off around the edge. It still works, but shabby construction!
Excellent product
I was delighted with this phone case. It has a fairly thin profile and the rotating of the phone to operate the camera is genius, and can accommodate your cards too! Excellent value for money.
Smart and flexible phone case
This case is great as it can be used to stand the phone up and view the screen landscape. However, if you have fingerprint security you will need to consider the location of the sensor - mine is now covered up so I can't use it so I just went back to using the pin code.
Fab cover highly recommend
Fab cover good quality highly recommend
The phone case works great.
Its a great case. My only complaint is that you can't change cases once the phone is stuck on the plate to hold it in place.
The only complaint I have, is that the case is not designed to be interchangeable.
Satisfactory product
Novel Design
Does what it says. The grip provided when swivelling as a camera is very useful. Only downside is that with a Vodafone Smart N8 the thumbprint sensor is covered by the adhesive pad and therefore unusable.
Delivery was prompt.
very satisfied
thank you very much. I'm very satisfied with the product. It looks good and keeps my new phone safe and clean. I would recommend it to anyone. Delivery time was also within the specified time.
Not happy

bnable to use as it does not fit the phone. Have tried a few
Hi Dianne...

Can you please contact our Customer Services team and let us know which phone you have and we will see what we can do to help.
This phone case is dreadful, nearly broke my phone when it fell off the sticky pad.
This phone case is great.. Fits my Sony Experia nicely.. The swivel effect allows me to take photos etc.. I could not find a case to fit but this one does and protects the screen also.. Stays nicely closed with the magnetic closure ... Yay!!!!
This phone case is great... Fits my Sony Experia nicely and the swivel effect allows me to use the camera.. I could not find a case to fit but this one does and protects the screen..Stays nicely closed with the magnetic closure... Yay !!!
Works great
Works great. Stuck it to a rubber phone case, it holds very well.
Very pleased with cover. Does the job.
I'm very pleased with my phone cover. It does the job nicely. It was certainly worth the money. I would recommend.
There is no instruction how to use (glue) the mobile onto the rotating middle holder. The glue is strong enough and the mobile comes off sometimes.
really happy
I really like this case, the rotating bit is great. Its solid, no problems with phone staying put. the magnetic clip is really strong.
I got brown by accident but thought I ordered red, but the 'brown' is quite reddish so I'm glad I got this one.
Very satisfied with my purchase thank you
Good service
One product I ordered unsuitable for my purpose; another product ordered couldn't be sourced.

Full refund cheerfully & promptly made by very pleasant & easy-to-deal with Customer Service. I was very pleased and will definitely return to mobilefun as need arises.

Thank you!
Item is adaptable, light, and fits well in my purse. Very nicely constructed. Customer service was impeccable.
The item I ordered was a bit slow in the mails and when I contact MobileFun they immediately sent out a new item - express mail - a no additional cost. The two leather phone covers arrived on the same day (I sent one back). The customer service was prompt and gracious. The item (a brown leather phone cover) is exactly as ordered and works beautifully. Very adaptable, light, and fits well into my purse. It has already cushioned the phone in two hard falls.
Not good!
Useless item really...gel/glue backing failed to hold the phone after 2 minutes (packaging states up to 2 years!). Not suitable for Vodafone platinum as no cutouts for controls/camera. No redeeming qualities at all ..don't buy if you have a V.platinum phone for sure.
Love my new case!
Loving my new red leather phone case. I didn't know it rotated until I realized I couldn't take any pictures. I am a smart girl and quickly figured it out. I didn't see the word rotating when I purchased the item. :)
It has taken three weeks to arrive & I am pleased with the product, Thank you,
Great quality for the price
Purchased this for my new Microsoft Lumia 640XL and fits like glove. The magnetic clasp keeps the phone covered and safe even when being thrown in my handbag. Great colour (red)and looks great. Very happy with the service.
Very Happy with the product
Very happy with product.
Perhaps need to include directions for use for 1st time purchasers.
good quality
Not quite as it appeared to be but good quality
Works well
Does all it should, and doesit well.
Google quality, timely delivery
Am happy with the product, it's a good generic phone case
great product and customer service
fantastic website that was easy to navigate and showed both the product and reviews.
Excellent customer service
Great communication and service. Product arrived and was exactly as described and to a high quality. Would definitely recommend!
Good quality but not fitting properly
This case is nice and has a very good finish I think it would probably protect from any regular drop. One thing I would like to say is that it's NOT made specifically for any phone and won't fit perfectly. Otherwise it does what it should do.
Happy but would have liked more instructions. Still not sure whether the filmover the rotating pad should be removed to make the phone stick.
Hi Len

Yes the film that covers the sticky pad should be removed so you can attach your phone securely to the case.

Hope this helps.
Space for Camera in the wrong place
Delivery and presentation great but unfortunately the cover is not the 1 for my phone, it is the right measurements but the space for the camera is in the wrong place, on my phone the camera is at the top of the phone whereas the space for the camera is in the middle of the cover. I didn't notice this until I put it on, now I have a cover that fits perfectly but can't use the camera.

Can you do anything for me????


A tad annoying
The case doesn't allow for the camera to be used. I have to swing it around to make it work. Also I had to put it in the wrong way around to.
Also the car doesn't close unless I squish it really tightly closed.
So all in all its not great.
After waiting for 3 weeks for delivery I was excited to receive the product, but found that my phone would not adhere to the sticky pad, and continually fell out even on the first day. Very disappointing.
Not suitable for Motorola Moto X Force phone
Excellent product
An excellent mobile phone cover. Robust and durable. Like the rotating ability. Keeps camera lens covered and free from dust. Overall a great product.
Functions well, just a downside there is no back camera hole
Functions well, just a downside there is no back camera hole
excellent product
great looking item tough durable & made to last & would protect & enhance the look of any mobile phone
Fast delivery. Would have liked to see more photos to get a better indication. Overall happy with service and product
Looks discreet
Purchased for 1plus1 phone, but the stick pad does not really hold the phone well enough, as it has a rough surface. I will keep as a back up. In the meantime, do you have the previous leather phone wallet for 1plus1? It is very good, with a wallet sleeve & card slots
Hi Les

If you search for product ID: 45282 - Adarga Leather-Style OnePlus One Wallet Stand Case - Black, you can view the impressive reviews there.
Great cover
Perfect for me. Just be careful attaching it.
Practical and simple attachment to my Lenovo 5.5" phone.
Beautiful but need better adhesive
The pu leather on this case is excellent. It a universal fit case for phones between 5 and 5.7 inch. Because there is no standard location for the lens on smartphones, Olixar has found a unique solution: The have made a rotating mounting plate so that the smartphone can be positioned for camera use with almost any device.

I love the case, but found that both of my phones kept separating from the mounting plate, especially in hot weather. The problem is that the brass swivel used to attach the mounting plate to the case protrudes beyond the surface of the silicone adhesive pad so that the phone cannot sit flush with the pad, creating a pressure point constantly working to make the adhesive release. My solution was to replace the silicone adhesive pad with 3M VHB adhesive pads. These pads are thicker and the swivel no longer presses against the phone's back.
Disappointing doesn't hold phone secuir.
Phone does not seat securely would be better if there was a magnet instead of sticky piece
Not what I thought it was, it is only a loose cover not able to be secured to the phone as I had hoped. Over priced, just a piece of vinyl .
Brown leather case, excellent quality. Dropped phone already and luckily it was in the case so no damage! Job well done
Very good quality
Price off product . Colour. Matériel . size. Where it was made
No clearly described
The case was fine but the was no camera slot so it was not described clear enough to inform them infact you had to take you phone out of the case every time you want to take a photo!!
Hi Cilla

You can rotate the case so you can take a photo without having to remove your phone. Hope this helps.
No clearly described
The case was fine but the was no camera slot so it was not described clear enough to inform them infact you had to take you phone out of the case every time you want to take a photo!!
Hi Cilla

You can rotate the case so you can take a photo without having to remove your phone. Hope this helps.
Absolutely useless product. Waste of money. No instructions. When I try to put my phone or anybody else's phone into it, it immediately falls out . Nothing to grip the phone. You would loose your phone in two seconds. would have returned it only I have mislaid the documentation. Had to order a different phone case for my daughter from another site.
Hi Anita

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. To install, you remove the protective cover from the sticky pad on the inside of the case to attach your phone.

I hope this helps.
case arrival
my case arrived and very pleased with it ...thank you...
case arrival
my case arrived and very pleased with it ...thank you...
Item does not work
The cover has as a holder, a sticky panel inside. This is totally useless and the phone continually falls off as the panel does not stick sufficiently. The cover is therefore useless.
Hi Tony

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this case. Please contact our Customer Services team so we may assist.
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