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Olixar Pocketsize Selfie Stick with Mirror - Black Recenzje

Produkt wycofany ze sprzedaży  - not available for purchase
Take the perfect selfie with absolutely no one left out with Olixar's selfie stick with shutter button for iPhone & Android devices. Mirror allowing for powerful rear facing camera use, no recharging required and so portable it can be placed in a handbag!
  • Mobile Fun Limited 53798

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 4.7 stars from 73 customers

Strona: 1- 10 z 65reviews

Excellent selfie stick....be careful of dodgy wiring though!
This is a brilliant selfie stick, the unit plugs into your phone and there is a mirror so you can use the forward facing camera for much better quality shots. Be aware though, the rubber handle that covers the camera button moves a bit, and the wiring for the button underneath is so flimsy it snaps. Fair play to mobile fun though, the item was replaced no problems. I've just used some electrical tape to secure the wires to avoid this happening again.
Never worked
Bought this selfie stick cause of great reviews all over the internet but this piece of *** never worked. I have Samsung S7 so that shouldn't be an issue. Whatever I tried didn't work. I tried different cam apps, different settings on my phone, praying, voodoo, magic spells, even abracadabra stuff and nothing. Unfortunately can't recommend.
Love the fact that this selfie stick plugs in to your phone, doesn't need to pair with it, just works straight away
very nice
Nice product
I am very happy with my purchase
Very happy with the stick
Easy to use and folds down very small
Extremely easy to use, just plug in wire and works immediately
Extremely easy to use, just plug in wire and works immediately.
Great, new to selfie sticks
Perfect just what l needed and easy to use. Thanks
Fast Deliverey
Recevied my Olixar pocketsize selfie stick I have had lots of fun using it very happy with the quality of the product.
Puts the fun into selfies
Purchased Olixar Pocketsize Selfie Stick with Mirror - Black and it's a nice compact fold away product that's easy to expand out to hold your phone securely in all types of circumstances. You will find its puts the fun into your selfies
Very good value
It's a very handy little gadget and it turned up just in time for Mothers day. She loves it!!!
Very nice and handy selfie stick. Very cool -
Very cool and good quality selfie stick. Very good.
Very easy to use product
Easy to use product. Good communication from supplier.
Olixar selfie stick is AWESOME
After my first selfie stick purchase from another online retailer last year, I was disappointed with the bulky size and that it didn't work. I have just got this Olixar selfie stick from MobileZap. What a difference in quality!! Very compact and SO EASYTO USE AND IT WORKS! Great item and highly recommend it.
I have no previous experience of selfie-sticks, but this one seems promising and appealing because it is pocket-sized. It is easy to expand and use, and easy to pack away.
Great because it is wired.
Best thing about this selfie stick is that it is wired so there is no recharging or pairing with bluetooth etc. I have tested it both with an iphone and with my android phone and it works well. Very happy with this product.
Olixar Pocketsize Selfie
Excellent compact device. Incredibly easy to use.
She loved it and with it being so easy was using it immediately :)
i bought this as a Christmas Gift for my niece. She loved it and with it being so easy was using it immediately :) Thank you.
Bought this for Xmas gifts stocking filler
Excellent product
I really liked this selfie stick. Worth the money compared to the ones you find in the market. The mirror is very helpful as you can take pictures with the back camera of the phone. Recommended. Value for money.
Very Good and Handy Product
I hav got my selfie stick n its quite easy to operate n impressive too. I have purchased some products frm mobile fun in past also and always feels excited n enjoys to visit the mobile fun site but hav one concern only i.e product/shipping cost too high so plz work upon tis. I highly recommend tis product to evry1.
Very Good and Handy Product
I hav got my selfie stick n its quite easy to operate n impressive too. I have purchased some products frm mobile fun in past also and always feels excited n enjoys to visit the mobile fun site but hav one concern only i.e product/shipping cost too high so plz work upon tis. I highly recommend tis product to evry1.
Sturdy and compact
The only problem I have with this item is that the mirror is in portrait whereas the phone has to be in landscape orientation. This makes it tricky to see what's fitting in the frame.

Very sturdy feeling though, I have an iPhone 6Plus so it's relatively big and heavy but feels secure and doesn't wobble when extended. Did cost me a lot more though - had to buy a new case and screen protector as my current wallet-style case could not be used with this. :)

I'd recommend asking about compatibility with your own case before purchase.
Great simple selfie stick
This little sefie stick is a great accessory carry won your person. It folds down, quite small, so it is easy to carry. It then telescopes out to its full length of approx 2 feet and has a good clamp to hold the phone. But best of all, it does not require a battery for its operation, so no worries wondering if theres enough power to be able to use the stick. Its not a deluxe selfie stick, but works well for the price.
a fantastic product
always find the offers from this company of great value and will always return for other products all the time
Nothing to fear
Holding a £500 mobile out in front of me on a pole scares me rotten as I wave it about trying to see a great selfie with the poorer camera pointing at me. What a delight when my Olixar stick arrived and held my iPhone 6 Plus so tightly and securely, the stick feels substantial, no more worry the the battery has died on the Bluetooth and then finally I am using the much, much better rear camera with a mirror showing me what I am shooting so watch out David Bailey my snaps are going to be soooo much better. Then there's the rapid international delivery to talk about much appreciated when your excited about your purchase and then have to wait ages for it to come. Thank you once again MobileFun. I am a fan
Very Nice !
I've been resisting to buy a selfie stick since day one....however, lately I started hiking by myself and having hard time taking pic of myself, so I've decided to give it a try, this stick ( Olixar Pocketsize Selfie Stick with Mirror ) is fantastic, I've just tried it last weekend, it's light weight and compact, so easy to carry in my bag, and it's very easy to use, I was impressed and most of all....very delighted !
I recommend!!! Very happy!
It's the same like in picture, very happy, thank you!
great asset
very useful and accurate item for great value
The product is pretty average as it doesn't work in standard camere app and zoom in instead of taking a pic. I'm buying this product to simplify life,not to look for some apps that will have to switch on every time separately to take a photo. You should have SAY on the website, that this problem could occur for Sony. There is a note on thr package, but not yhe website. Would not have bought it if I knew about this problem.
Hi Yulia

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item.

As listed in the description, Android users may need to configure their default camera app to use the 'Volume Up' feature to trigger a photo for the Selfie Pole to operate correctly.

Hope this helps.
Good as a regular use selfie stick
I hate seeing people use these selfie sticks, but I had to succumb, as I want to use my phone on holiday and will be going to remote places. I bought this for 2 reasons - No charging and to use the back facing camera with the mirror. When using the mirror, the button on the stick faces downward towards the floor. This also means there is weight from the phone on the stick when extended. With the button facing down, it is difficult to take a picture with your index finger, especially when you can see the button. So the feature I bought it for, is not really useable. I will just use the front facing camera.
The selfie stick is really good, super easy to use and fantastic. :)
The selfie stick is really good, super easy to use and fantastic. :)
Neat item
Lovely little piece of equipment which folds small enougth to fit into a handbag. Can not take with the button on the Handle with my samsung s2 but works fine if I set the timer. It does work however on later models and tried it with my brother's iphone 6 and worked a treat.
Good value
I was surprised at the quality of the device. Good value for price.
No sound
Selfie stick arrived and assembly very easy still getting use to it the only I don't like and maybe it just me but when attached to my I- phone 4 I hear no sound i.e.a click when I press the shutter on the stick. Would like to hear if anyone else has the same problem as I said it may be me.
Hi Roger

As you use the headphone port on the iPhone to use the external microphone and the shutter button on the selfie stick, this unfortunately disables the iPhone's internal speaker. You can tell if a shot is captured though but the shutter animati
Works easily.
Easy to use. Works as advertised. Would recommend to friend.
handy little gadget, especially if no one around to take photo for you
it will certainly come in handy for holidays etc
Never thought I would.....
....but I did, I bought a selfie stick.
Having a Samsung Note 2 has always created issues with holders due to its size, but this stick works fine. The connection is straightforward and the mirror is that solution to a problem that is breathtakingly simple and works so well.
Well worth the money, even if the wife is still laughing at me.........
Great Selfie Stick
Easy to use and very practical.
Great Selfie Stick
Easy to use
Useful tool for travellers
Olixar Pocketsize Selfie Stick with Mirror is light weighted, useful tool for travelers who like to make selfies. It is very practical, because it is small enough to put it in your pocket. The build material is also good.
selfie stick
it looks a strong sturdy piece of kit.not like some of the flimsy ones I have seen. I would have liked to know what devices it was compatible with
Excellent value for money
Despite having a selfie stick, I was attracted to this one for 2 reasons - it was small and compact, and had an integrated switch on the handle (my other one had a separate remote)
It is well built, and the mirror may be useful with some phones, but not necessary with my S5
Excellent value for money
Easy to use but need to be careful how you attach your phobe
It's really easy to use - my 21 month old baby boy has even got the hang of it! Really good size as it fits into a handbag & the mirror means we can take better quality photos with the rear mirror. However you need to be careful how you attach your phone to the stick - it's not quite centred - as the selfie stick clips interfere with the iPhone side buttons.
Super present for my granddaughter
She will really enjoy using her present. I am delighted !
worth while investment
Made enquiries if comparable with my phone and technical side said NO.
I took the risk as it said smartphone fitting and YES - JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR, button does not work but as my phone like most has a timer & a powerful front facing camera this mirror selfie stick has produced the best pictures of my loved ones and I together.
5* Product at a good price and is comparable without button.
Better quality then ones I have seen in the shops
This looks like a sturdy piece of equipment Better quality then ones I have seen in the shops, with some features they did not have such as the mirror, and Blue tooth. The add says case compatible but I could not find a link to purchase the case. (this could be my lack of skill but i found the rest of the order process very clear and simple
Hi Lesley

Case Compatible means compatible with almost any case, so take your pick really - you are not limited to just one case. Hope this helps.
I would say this was money well spent
I would say this was money well spent,although I got it half price it does everything I need.
Did not think I needed this but pictures are so much better
Did not think I needed this but pictures are so much better because of the extra distance from you and you can also use the higher quality forward facing camera due to the mirror.
I have used Mobile Fun many times and they always deliver quick and items are always to the expected standard.
selfie stick
I have bought this as a present for my son, it is not his birthday for another ten days,so it has not been used. I got his partner to check it was compatible with his phone. He says it looks strongly made and has a lot of useful features that will make it easy to use, and it folds to a convenient size, shame there is not a case for it the only drawback we could see.
Excellent - once I had rest the shutter action button
Does what it says on the box. Just make sure you open the camera app select settings (the three dots) and then select the cog wheel, change the "Use Volume key as" to shutter. Excellent service from Mobile Fun as usual
Super selfie stuff
I have 2 selfie sticks, although the big one is now redundant after buying this one. Its so easy to just stick (pun intended) this one in your pocket when you are going out for the day. Its so light and portable. The built in mirror really helps when setting yourself for the best pic and the grip is great when holding my iphone. I ordered this on thursday dinnertime and it arrived next day, frankly superb service from this company.

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