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Mayhem Aurora LCD Colour Changing Alarm Clock Recenzje

The Mayhem Aurora alarm clock offers a fun, fresh way to wake up in the morning. Touch the surface of this timepiece and it lights up in an array of different colours depending on the hour. It also displays the date, day of the week and alarm time.
  • Mobile Fun Limited 61618
48,49 zł inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 2 customers

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Fun and functional
For a child, so important to be 12 hrs. Not ready for 24 hr numbering.
Alarm clock
excellent, magic, impressive were the words from my grand children (12 & 14yrs)when they received a clock each as Christmas stocking fillers. Neither have had an alarm clock so now the rule is, get yourself up in the morning. Started a revolution we did . Many thanks we love them...

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