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KitSound Bluetooth Headphone Splitter

Share your music with a friend or make your wired headphones wireless with this super-convenient, ultra-compact Bluetooth splitter from KitSound.
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  • KitSound
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  • Share the music you love with friends and family
  • Listen to your music wirelessly
  • Compact, lightweight build
  • Up to 9 hours' battery life
  • Full stereo support

Share the music you love with friends and family

Sharing a single pair of headphones is uncomfortable, awkward and could lead to losing half the song depending on the stereo mix. That's what headphone splitters are for, but the KitSound Bluetooth Splitter is special - using this device will turn your wired headphones wireless, so you and a friend can listen to the same song even if you're up to 10 metres away from the device you're playing music on.

Listen to your music wirelessly

No need to crowd around the same phone to make sure the headphone splitter is working any more. The KitSound Bluetooth Headphone Splitter pairs with your device via Bluetooth - simply plug up to two pairs of headphones into the two 3.5mm ports and enjoy. 

Want the music all to yourself? No problem - you could also use this receiver on just one pair of headphones, perfect for the gym or just for relaxing at home.

Compact, lightweight build

The design of the Bluetooth Headphone Splitter from KitSound is perfect for taking anywhere with you - you could even use this handy gadget to play music through two speakers at a party, for example. A build which emphasises portability means you'll never have to be without the means to share your music with anyone and everyone.

Up to 9 hours' battery life

Keep your music going for longer with the KitSound Headphone Splitter's 9-hour battery life. When the battery runs out, the party doesn't have to stop - simply recharge with the included cable and in no time you'll be ready to preach your pristine music taste to the world.

Full stereo support

Each 3.5mm port on the Bluetooth Headphone Splitter maintains your music's stereo mix - you won't lose a single detail or miss a single instrument even if you and a friend both have headphones plugged in.


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