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GoGear Tunes Noise-Isolating Earphones with Mic Recenzje

Produkt wycofany ze sprzedaży  - not available for purchase
Small, lightweight and perfect for the modern lifestyle. These dynamic, stylish and versatile earphones feature non-slip earbuds in 3 sizes, noise isolating technology and easy one-touch controls for music and calls.
  • Mobile Fun Limited 64159

RRP 38,99 zł- oszczędzasz37%

24,49 zł inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 35 customers

Strona: 1- 10 z 35reviews

Excellent value for price
Good sound quality heard thru headsets, mic heard clearly.
a real bargain for the price.
Took a while to get here but they are great and work well.
good sound
a good set of earphones
Very Good
Nothing. This is the 3rd set we have bought for my family.
Great Value
The earphones are great value, they fit into the ear comfortably and the sound is very good.
I would recommend them to anyone.
Great Value
The earphones are great value, they fit into the ear comfortably and the sound is very good.
I would recommend them to anyone.
OK For The Price
Two sets for the asking price is reasonable for these earphones. Probably best suited to the gym or out for a run, as they didn't seem to cancel out much extraneous noise, and a strange frequency response curve (judged subjectively) tended to leave some music thin and devoid of presence.
Always good quality and service at great prices
GoGear headphones
They are fine - work well and great price!
Good value
Very pleased with this purchase. Works well and is good value
very good
Didn't need to no any thing
Perfect end shape makes these earphones longer lasting
Very good
Bought 2 and both seem ok. I am not a music expert but they sound good to me
Excellent Deal
I have used several earphones over the years and all are pretty much very similar, in visual and style and depending on price ! Quality. I found these are of high quality with the features advertised very evident and at the price on offer no brainier a great bargain.
Excellent for the price
Really pleased with these go-gear headphones which I have purchased before . Although they are fairly cheap they are very durable and long lasting compared to some more expensive sets I've had in the past . Easy to unknot as well without ever feeling like the wires may snap
Excellent performance and great value
I purchased these on a two for the price of one deal. They are the most comfortable earphones I have ever used. They perform well, the noise cancelling is very effective and they were terrific value
Average at best.
So... noise isolating? ah no. They lack base, have too much high end and the microphone is rubbish. Overall pretty poor sound production. The stock Apple or Samsung ear buds are orders of magnitude better. The Samsung with the silicone pieces block more noise... 2/10.
They do the job, but would only keep them as spare set
The sound is OK, but they feel a bit flimsy compared to a €22 pair of Sony ones (I have them too). As I said in the short review, perfect as a set to keep in the office, but would recommend something a bit better if you are looking for real noise isolation.
Absolute rubbish
I’d get better sound quality out of two tin cans joined by string, no wonder you had them on BOGOF, I’d send them back if I could be bothered with the hassle
Comfortable easy to use good sound reproduction
Comfortable easy to use good sound reproduction and good value
Seems a good product but didn't do what it said on the Website
I like the appearance and feel of the earphones and was very much looking forward to using them. Unfortunately they would not work with my Nokia 100 Phone despite stating on the /website they were compatible with it
Hi Gareth,
Sorry to hear about your compatibility problems, unfortunately these earphones do not work with the Nokia 100.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Please contact our customer service team regarding a refund for this product.
Fantastic, for the money its a no brainer
They are exactly as described, noise cancelling and fit snugly in the ear
Worth every penny
Great product great price
Seem to work as advertised
Seem to work as advertised using the appropriate ear tips.
Save your money
Save your money and get something elsa
These were just what I expected - really love them!!
Pleased with purchase and price paid.Comfortable to wear and give good noise cancelling good quality sound.
Worth while
Excellent value for the price son loves it so I am happy.
Great buy
I use loads of head phones from dirt cheap to expensive but still manage to break them every way possible from treading on them to trapping them in doors these headphones were cheap but have the sound quality of more expensive ones I'm very happy and would not hesitate in buying these again
Great Product
Great purchase from a equally great supplier.

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