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4smarts VoltDock Galaxy Note 8 USB-C Desktop Charge & Sync Dock

Synchronise and charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the stylish, useful and compact VoltDock desktop dock from 4smarts. This handy dock also doubles as a desk stand, allowing you to display your device in pride of place on any flat surface.
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  • Charge and sync your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at the same time
  • Universal USB-C connector
  • Case compatible
  • Stable and secure mounting
  • Compact, lightweight build - perfect for portability

Charge and sync your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at the same time

Utilising innovative pass-through technology, this charging dock allows you to connect your Galaxy Note 8 to the cradle via a USB-C connection and use a USB port on a computer or laptop to charge your device as well as synchronise your data. This means that you can not only be sure that your Galaxy Note 8 is fully charged, but that you can quickly and easily back up important data onto a computer or laptop.

This dock can also be used with a USB mains charger, if you don't have an available USB port nearby.

4smarts VoltDock Galaxy Note 8 USB-C Desktop Charge & Sync Dock

Universal USB-C connector

More and more devices are adopting the USB-C standard - a faster, better and fully reversible connector which is capable of carrying significant current, as well as achieving impressive data transfer speeds. This dock has a universal USB-C connector which will work with the Galaxy Note 8 and any other USB-C compatible device on the market. The connector is positioned snugly and optimally for placing most devices.

Case compatible

The Kidigi Desktop Charging Dock stands your Galaxy Note 8 at a comfortable viewing angle. It features a unique tilting connection tip which provides enough room for you to use it with your device with or without a case attached, so you don't need to constantly remove your case from your Galaxy Note 8 every time you wish to use the charging dock.

4smarts VoltDock Universal USB-C Desktop Charge & Sync Dock

Stable and secure mounting

The dock's rubberised build provides a stable and secure base, so there's no chance of your Galaxy Note 8 moving around or becoming dislodged while docked. VoltDock will also declutter and make your desk look neater with its high quality chrome-style finish.

Compact, lightweight build - perfect for portability

You can take this dock anywhere you need to go. Measuring in at a mere 60 x 46 x 56mm and weighing just 92g, this dock won't trouble any luggage, backpack or other carrying container at all - why lose access to your charging dock just because you're not at home?


Technical Specifications

  • Input : 5.0V / 2.0A (Maximum)
  • Output: 5V / 2.0A (Maximum)
  • USB standard: 2.0
  • Cable length: 1.1m
  • Dimensions: 60 x 46 x 56mm
  • Weight: 92g

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