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Mercury Jelly Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gel Case - Transparent

Mercury Jelly Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gel Case - Transparent


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A premium gel case for your Galaxy S7 Edge. The 100% clear Mercury Goospery Jelly features a superb gloss UV finish and robust high quality TPU gel material that will take all the knocks and look fabulous while doing so.

"The cover was a perfect fit ... "
"Just what i was looking for"

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Navjot Hanspl

Samsung galaxy s7 edge
20 Maj 2016
The cover was a perfect fit ...
The cover was a good fit for my device and it didn't feel very bulky...


Samsung galaxy s7 edge
11 Kwiecień 2016
Just what i was looking for
After spending many hours looking for the perfect case i thought i found one on amazon howbever it made my phone really big and his all its detail. I was really happy when i bought this 2nd one from mobile phone it is really thin you can hardly notice it which Is great. When you spend £700 on a phone you want to show it off, which this case allows you to do. Glad i carried on looking for perfection


4 Kwiecień 2016
Great service,very pleased with the product!super!

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Dodatkowe informacje

A premium gel case

This stunning case from Mercury provides protection and style for your Galaxy S7 Edge. With a slim design and smooth finish, this eye-catching case is about as premium as gel cases get. The flexibility provided by the TPU gel material is perfect for providing shock protection as well as a solid grip.    

UV high gloss coating

The Jelly features an attractive combination of high gloss and UV coating. The UV coating will also prevent the finish from discolouring over time.

Strong durable material for long lasting protection

Each Goospery Jelly case is made from a special strong and durable gel material, which makes it flexible like a silicone and tougher than a crystal case - providing you with long lasting protection for your phone. The material used is thick and more robust than other gel cases - meaning it will last longer, offer more protection and look great too.

Non-slip coating for extra grip

The unique gel material used includes a non-slip coating, providing extra grip for your phone - minimising the chance of dropping your device. This case is professional enough for work, yet sporty enough for play.

Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk

The Jelly case is designed to be slim, lightweight and strong - so you can be assured that this case will add virtually no extra bulk to your Galaxy S7 Edge, so it will still fit in your pocket with ease. The very last thing you want is to take away the beautiful slim aesthetic of your sleek Galaxy S7 Edge. Forget it, as this case will only complement the overall look and feel.

Raised bezel protects your phone's screen from scratches and dirt

This case includes a raised bezel, that prevents your phone's screen from coming in to contact with any flat surface when you place the phone face down. While the distance is very subtle, it could be the difference that prevents your phone's screen from picking up any unwanted scratches or dirt.

Designed specifically for the Galaxy S7 Edge

Rest assured that this is a premium case that has been designed specifically with your phone in mind. It will fit perfectly, perform perfectly and allow access to all your phone's features and functions. Your camera lens is accessible and will also be protected.

Samsung: Galaxy S7 Edge

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