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Hold your laptop or tablet in a secure, convenient to view and operate position with this Portable Laptop Stand.

"Universal for laptop & iPad-pro"
"Just right for my tablet"
"Just what I have been looking for"

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Brian knight

Portable laptop stand
7 Luty 2016
Universal for laptop & iPad-pro
Great value for money ! Very well made and even a carrying case to boot ! I travel a lot to the USA and being able to use it for laptop and iPad-pro When I purchased iPad-pro there were very little choices and 2 of those were rubbish This is fantastic it doesn't look much in the picture ! If the picture was a little bigger and Shoes the details they wouldent have to say much thanks for making my life easier Cheers Brian

Christopher Kerr

Nexus 10 tablet
6 Czerwiec 2013
Just right for my tablet
I travel between a number of locations for work and depend on being able to use my tablet in a variety of different spaces: trains, corners of desks etc. The portable desk stand provides exactly the flexibility I need. It is stable and sturdy yet easy to set up and folds away to a compact size which means I can easily pack it in my tablet's case. It is slightly heavier than I'd expected but, even had I known its weight in advance, I'm pretty sure I would have bought it.

Barrie Stevenson

13inch I-Pad
29 Maj 2013
Just what I have been looking for
My portable lap top stand arrived today and I'm extremley happy with it excellent. I already purched two prior to this one and they were both rubbish in design and manufacture.I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a stand for a large I-Pad/Tablet

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Dodatkowe informacje

This portable stand is ideal for holding your Laptop, Netbook or Tablet in an upright position that will enhance your viewing angle.

The compact and foldable design of this stand makes it very portable, so it can easily slip inside a pocket or bag. Simply unfold the stand to hold your device in an upright position... perfect for watching video, or viewing pictures.

Key Features
- Adjustable to a comfortable viewing height
- Quickly collapses to fit in your pocket or computer bag
- Ideal for iPad, Netbooks and Laptops
- Keeps your device cool

Dimension: 238 x 280 x 200mm (approx.) (for Max. Open)
Dimension: 207 x 50 x 22mm (approx.) (for Close)
Weight: 269g

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